The Relentless Enemy – PTSD

They heeded the call of their country’s leaders, they signed without hesitation, they trained and disciplined themselves, and rallied to protect their country, their family, even the people they never knew. They vowed at all cost, even to death, to protect it all. But even after laying up their arms, a relentless adversary stealthily wars against them, its name is PTSD.

“We will never forget”

After years of contact and long conversations with comrades who are struggling with PTSD, I finally birthed an idea to do something meaningful, not only listening, but actively helping.

Our motto “By soldiers for soldiers” will show them a way to an enriched life and a path to see their dreams become a reality, instead of a desperate last chance.

There are two possibilities within my reach where comrades could meet to have a life changing experience that I will outline below. One in the country in northern Germany, a corner where the world is stable and in order. And the other place is by the water in Japan, an amazingly safe country with peaceful people beyond the imagination of those who reside in European and Western cultures.

The main goal is for all participants to be able to lead a fruitful, productive, and full life. In a safe environment, long conversations by the fire will rebuild social confidence, and also by creating internship positions at both locations, a way to help guide them back into the professional world can be done in a practical way. Conveying art in the context of “workshops” by professionals can lead our comrades to new and previously unconsidered paths. In very small groups, intensive and individual support will produce the best outcome for participants.

Currently I am discussing this with all the authorities to obtain the necessary permits, but I believe time is of the essence and the earlier the better. My objective is to start in spring 2021, when at least one of the two locations could be up and running.

As you are aware, a project like this takes various resources, and although I have dedicated a large portion of my life and money to this already, it is difficult to do on my own. Would you like to help? Supporting financially, with materials, or by contributing your expertise to teach or give professional guidance are all valuable.

If you desire to become a supporter, please contact me, I would love to hear from you.